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Hello there, nice to see you, what on earth are you doing here?

Well, since you are here it's only polite to introduce your host, Kieran Turner. I won't pass up the chance to plug the humanitarian aid charity I run: Aid Convoy. I've never done anything else which made me feel so useful. Working in places from Kosova to Gaza via Chernobyl, it's introduced me to some amazing people, put me in some insane situations, and let our team be part of actually saving lives. I can't overstate how much that makes all the chaos totally worthwhile. Oh, and in case you heard I was kidnapped recently, well, don't worry, I'm safely back home! :-)

I'm a huge fan of people taking a broad, lateral, and hollistic view of pretty much whatever they're involved in. To that end, and as a great way to spend some social time too, I love community philosophy organisation Philosophy in Pubs.

I kinda like that this website has been around in one shape or another since 1992. I also put together a website for Aberdeen University's Students' Representative Council in 1994, which was potentially the first student union website in the world. Woo! This one occassionally gets some love and attention, but decreasingly so as it appears less of a techie curio and more narcissitic to me as the years have passed. It might even disappear soon.

If you'd like to reach me after all that, try my main email here or if that doesn't work then there is an alternative which will be forwarded to me, or checked by me if the main one is properly broken.

Finally, just in case you're not sure that this Kieran Turner is the person you're looking for... in the days before mere mortals could own domain names, I used to be:,,,, & - amongst other things (in particular, workstation and server sub-domain names at the academic domains above may crop up in Usenet postings.) Maybe that helps you.





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